Perfume is an indispensable thing to improve the quality of people’s life. We will smell the smell of perfume in any scene, so this is a good business opportunity for merchants. It is a good choice for us to choose to open a perfume store, but in the perfume store, display cabinets are needed to display perfume or cosmetics, so we need to choose a good perfume display cabinet to better display perfume.

perfume display cabinet

The design of a perfume store is very important, and will directly affect the performance of the store. To decorate a perfect perfume store, you need to choose practical perfume store furniture, an overall decoration theme, perfume display cabinets, and an overall store design.

perfume display

The practical furniture of the perfume shop mainly includes perfume counters, wall cabinets, display cabinets, cash registers, reception desks, etc. This store’s furniture needs to conform to the overall image and style of the store. When decorating a perfume store, don’t overcomplicate store furniture just to be cheap.


Overall decoration: It is necessary to determine the main color point of the store, then decorate and produce display cabinets based on the main color, so as to create a luxurious effect, and the light strips can be hidden in the perfume display cabinet to use a bright light to show the pattern of the product.


Perfume store design: If you have a favorite cosmetic store interior design, we can design and customize the store display device according to the drawings, or you need a layout plan for OEM design, and we can customize it for you. OUYEE display specializes in customizing display stands, racks, counters, cabinets, etc. for cosmetic retail stores, perfume stores, cosmetic stores, nail salons, and hair salons


Fragrance Display Case: A popular display unit often used to promote new products. Whether you are opening a cosmetics kiosk in a mall or opening a cosmetics retail store, you need display cabinets to showcase your products. The most important thing is to grab the attention of customers and make them buy the product.

perfume showcase design

How do I get a Fragrance Display Case?

1: For perfume shops, a good storefront and location will greatly help sales, and display furniture determines the display and beauty of products.

2: It is necessary to find a professional design team and display cabinet manufacturer to provide high-quality and high-quality display cabinets for the store

3: Make a 3D design drawing for the store. The 3D design is essential for a bespoke perfumery so that the style of the entire store and the displays used can be understood and can be changed according to the needs of the client.

4: Make a perfume display case. Produced according to 3D design drawings. So we have to make sure the drawing is correct. Enter surface finishing, install electrical cables, and assemble lights and cabinet doors.

custom perfume store display cabinet
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