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​Does your candy store, chocolate store, snack bar, or other retail store need an overall store design or candy store furniture?
Whether you are a large chain or a retail store, we can provide you with free 3D interior design and custom candy display racks, candy store decor, candy dispensers and more…

Here’s a list of configurations we can offer for your sweet shop:

  1. Bulk candy display rack
  2. Candy dispenser
  3. Candy store furniture
  4. Candy store decorations(Candy lollipop hangers, round lollipops, bubble lollipop props, patch candy balls, imitation lollipops, candy sticks, candy trees, candy Christmas trees, etc.)
  5. Cash register counter

Contact us for detailed accessory information.

Candy shop display

With our excellent product workmanship details and services, people in the United States, Canada, and other countries and regions are more willing to cooperate with us. May wish to try and contact us, cooperation.
You only need to provide your store’s area, needs, and desired style, and we will be able to create a candy store that you are satisfied with.

1. Free 3D shop design
2. Cooperation process
3. Production process
4. Our equipment
5. Shipping and packaging

We have a lot of modeling videos and real-shot videos of smoke shop store design cases.
If you want to see more videos, you can follow our official social media accounts and check our latest news.

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Candy stores have a timeless, charming appeal. some are designed with a vintage aesthetic while others are sleek and modern. Kids will be instantly captivated by the colorful displays, wonderful selection of different sweets and whimsical interior decorations. While Adults can’t help but indulge in their sweet tooth and nostalgic feelings about childhood.

create a store images from A to Z

Are you considering to open your own candy store business? Are you confused about how to create a store images from A to Z. Then Guangzhou Ouyee display will be the best choice for your business.

Ouyee is one of the leading manufacture of retails shop display furniture with 23 years experience. We have our professional design team and 10000sqf factory to handle each of your retail store project. No matter you are planning to creating a new space or refresh the current shop, one of our customization one-stop retails store solution will cover all your needs exactly.

You may stumped on have no ideas about the design style you want? No worry, we have thousands of candy store design cases can send for your reference, there always the one can meet your ideals. Contact us to get the latest design trendy!

Also you can shows us the design style you like, with that our team can know the design direction of what clients may need and finish the 3D visual effectively.

We provide whole shop furniture for each candy store include cashier counter, candy rack, acrylic bins, dispensers, display tables etc. Even the wall &ceiling decoration, flooring can be provided if need. One stop resources to solve your 99% concerns of your business
Candy shop decor-3

Custom Candy Store Furniture

Ouyee team is knowing well about China material market, we will always select the suitable material for each of your project base on your shop image.

Speaking of materials, E1 standard MDF/Plywood with international and environmental protection standard are mainly use for each of our shop projects. Other material such as laminate, artificial stone, S/S, acrylic, ultra white tempered glass etc will be use for manufacture as well base on shop design.

Moreover, Ouyee have a group of skilled laborers with 10years experience at display furniture manufacture. For the treatment of furniture surface paint, whether it is bright or matte, we will do three-bottom and three-side paint treatment to achieve the best effect and quality to give customers a better experience.

When goods is ready still our factory will light the furniture up for inspection each details and make sure quality, also send pictures and videos for your reviews. Any quality and craft problems we will fix it before goods leave our factory.

Even though we can provide the whole shop furniture for sweets base on requirements. Still you may wondering how to install them in local when received. No worry, Furniture will be pre-installed at our factory before delivery to your site. All you need to do is finish the shop interior decoration, once furniture arrived just need to place them inside your store and connect electricity, easy installation to save your local labor cost.

Candy store display furniture

OUYEE is a candy store furniture manufacturer with candy stands, candy display units, retail shelves to meet your display needs. With years of candy store construction experience, we can help you create a modern cut attractive retail candy rack and store fixtures. Whether you’re looking for bulk candy display shelves or counter designs, you can find the ideal candy store design here.

The design style of a candy store should be fun, playful, and inviting to customers of all ages. A candy store is a place where people can indulge in sweet treats and escape from the stress of daily life, so the design should create a sense of joy and excitement. Some design elements that could be incorporated into a candy store include:

1. Bright, cheerful colors such as pinks, blues, and greens
2. Fun, whimsical graphics and patterns, such as polka dots or stripes
3. Playful lighting, such as twinkling string lights or colorful pendant lights
4. Display cases or shelves in fun shapes, such as circles, stars, or candy canes
5. Wall murals or decals featuring candy or sweets-themed imagery
6. Comfortable seating areas where customers can relax and enjoy their treats

In addition to creating a fun and inviting atmosphere, the design of a candy store should also be functional and efficient. The layout should allow for easy movement and flow throughout the space, and the display cases and shelves should be organized and well-stocked to make it easy for customers to find and purchase the treats they are looking for.

A good candy store atmosphere should not only highlight the candy store fixtures, but also focus on the customer’s shopping experience. Small, portable wooden candy stands and wire racks can fit as much as possible on every candy store furniture. If you are looking for candy store furniture or want to decorate a candy store, OUYEE can provide you with everything you need.

Check out our pages and find your favorite design style and layout.

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