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Ouyee display provide one-stop solution from shop interior design drawings to display furniture production , we are offering customized service and retail stores display furniture for many years.

When you are going to open a new clothing store , besides the store rent, products purchase fee and employee salary, there is another expend is needed – Display furniture and decoration items for the store.

If you are new in doing retail store business and budget is limited, Ouyee display can provide some ready designed display racks models in a very good price. Cash counter , gondola in the middle of store , wall mounted display shelves, freestanding display racks are all can be chose from. When you choose this way to cooperated with us , store size drawings ( floor plan) will be required to send our sales team , so that we can offer suggestion on quantity and layout of display racks and quote price accordingly.

If you are going to upgrade current stores or going to open a flagship store, want to have a unique store image and brand image and want to see what does the store will look like before production, we suggest to make customized 3D shop interior design instead of choose ready made or designed models, by this way , you can tell us your idea about interior design you like, we turn your dreamed store come truth.

Above are two popular ways to work with us. Pls call us directly to get further information.

When you are confirm the way to proceed with us, you may care about below points:

About Quality
We have a complete quality control system from raw materials to finish products packing. 90% of our orders are export orders. Almost all clients who visited us , decided to work with us finally after compare us with other suppliers, they placed order and sit with us discuss details.
We can send you some successful retail stores cases we done to prove it.

About After-sale Service
Many clients are worry about this point, what if something wrong when receive goods? below are our solutions.
a. Our warranty is 15 months
b. For some unexpected situations we may face — ( some parts / components broken)
   —  we seldom have this feedback from customers, our packing solutions is very strong to withstand long time shipment: 
Product+EPE foam+ Bubble film + corner protected + MDF wooden case 
   — normally customers will try to add some extra quantities of components into the order ( usually glass items), so it can replace if needed ,and they will buy shipping insurance . these are solution from customers. 
  —  Once you have problem when received goods, we will check photos you sent, analyze and send parts to you for replacing, some of them may be charged,some of them can be free, as an honest and responsible supplier in the market, we will come with you to face any unexpected situations to discuss and work together to solve them.

1. Free 3D shop design
2. Cooperation process
3. Production process
4. Our equipment
5. Shipping and packaging

We have a lot of modeling videos and real-shot videos of clothing store design cases.
If you want to see more videos, you can follow our official social media accounts and check our latest news.

Try working with us

Wood retail display

Our retail clothing racks are a wall against the shelving system ideal for garment retail stores. With a specifical design to feature different display sections and levels, you can display as much merchandise as you need. Those clothing racks with rails are constructed with strong metal frame and solid wood shelving panels to display large quantities of products, While the smaller sections are just perfect for hats, purse, bags and shoe display or high-end items. If you are looking for commercial clothing racks for your apparel store. Those attractive and multi-function retail display racks and hanging rack system will make your boutique shop unique and outstanding. In addition, it will draw the attention of the customer and guide them into the shop for consuming. Whether you need retail clothes racks for dresses, jackets or shirts or looking for commercial display racks to display underwear or lingerie. our modern sleek design open stylish garment hanger will present your merchandise highly visible to clients in the irresistible charming style. Choose Ant display perfect clothes racks and display fixtures with fast shipping and wholesale pricing.

kids shop decoration1
kids clothes shop decoration

Kids Clothes Store Design

Our retail store can provide children’s hangers and store decoration, a good retail store design is ideal for clothing stores. The design of a kids clothes store should be fun, playful, and inviting. This might include the use of bright colors, bold patterns, and fun graphics to create a visually appealing space that is attractive to children and their parents. The layout of the store should be well-organized, with different sections for different age groups and clothing categories, such as infants, toddlers, and older kids, as well as tops, bottoms, and accessories. The store should also include plenty of seating for parents, as well as areas for kids to play and explore, such as a play corner or a small stage for dress-up and role-playing. The overall goal of the store design should be to create an environment that is enjoyable and welcoming for both kids and their parents. Different display sections and levels, you can display children’s clothing / baby products / men’s clothing / women’s clothing and as many items as you want. If you are looking for commercial clothing racks or store layouts for your clothing store. Those attractive and versatile retail displays will set your boutique apart. Our modern and stylish design open fashion hangers will showcase your wares to customers in an irresistibly glamorous style.

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