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Ouyee is a coffee shop counter maker and coffee shop designer. We have designed more than 600 successful coffee shop ideas, milk tea shop ideas and coffee kiosks, etc. Whether you need a wooden coffee shop or a modern coffee shop or an outdoor coffee shop. You can find your own coffee shop ideas here. Ouyee has a large number of coffee shops/ modern cafes store/ fashion coffee shops for you to choose from, or you can design the style you prefer directly. We have experienced designers according to you. The concept of creating a 3D template to create a coffee shop that matches your brand. More importantly, Guangzhou Ouyee Display Co., Ltd is a design company and retail store furniture manufacturer. Our one-stop solution will give us 100% confidence, from larger coffee shops to portable mini coffee bars.

how to design cafe store

How to design cafe shop?

To design a coffee store, you will need to consider a few different factors, including the location, the layout and design of the store, the menu, and the overall atmosphere. Here are a few steps you can follow to design your coffee store:
1.Choose a location for your coffee store that is convenient and easily accessible for your target customers.
2.Determine the size and layout of your coffee store. Consider how much space you will need for seating, a coffee bar, and any other amenities you want to include.
3.Design the interior of your coffee store to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. Choose colors, lighting, and decor that reflect the style and theme of your coffee shop.
4.Develop a menu for your coffee store that offers a variety of high-quality coffee drinks, as well as food items such as pastries, sandwiches, and salads.
Overall, the key to designing a successful coffee store is to create a unique and inviting atmosphere that will appeal to your target customers and make them want to come back again and again.

shopping mall coffee kiosk

A coffee booth is a commercial installation where coffee or milk tea can be sold. Coffee stores can be found everywhere, not only in commercial streets/shopping malls/airfields/railway stations, etc. The main difference between a coffee shop is a retail coffee shop and a coffee kiosk. The difference between the two is the difference in use. Retail coffee shop designs are usually open-plan, with a bar and counter in the front, and an eye-catching design that attracts customers into the store and builds their brand. In shopping malls and airfields, there are coffee kiosks, which are used because people are in a hurry.
Indoor coffee shop designs usually have a unique modern style and attractive features. Designers will utilize solid wood, MDF panels or metal to create an aesthetic that matches the locals. And the architecture of the coffee kiosk is very simple. External conditions need to be considered, so there are not many materials that can bring variability to the cafe design.  Consequently, outdoor coffee kiosks are normally in cubic box style to protect them from precipitation.

small coffee kiosk design

How to start a coffee shop

If you want to open a coffee shop or want to open a coffee kiosk in a mall, then you need a complete business plan and a reasonable price, ouyee can create a coffee kiosk model for you for your reference!

1. You need a license to operate, style your coffee shop or make a kiosk

2. Find a good location. Whether it’s opening a coffee kiosk in a mall or opening a coffee shop, location selection is the key to success.

3. If you open an indoor coffee kiosk, then you need a manufacturer to help you design and make your coffee kiosk. If you open a coffee shop, you need a design company to an interior decoration company to do a complete coffee shop design, including coffee bar, dining table, chairs, lounge and wall decoration, we can provide such a service

4. Decorate your coffee shop and try to create a stylish, relaxed atmosphere for your coffee shop. When opening a coffee shop or coffee shop indoors, having the right atmosphere is key to attracting customers who like to hang out with friends or business associates.


How to cooperate with ouyee?

1.Our design team will design the shop interior according to your requirements after the design fee, and the design drawing can be modified until you’re satisfied.
2.We will make the quotation list based on 3D design we confirm
3.The 3D design fee will refund to you after the order.
4.The production time is about 20-25workdays after receiving the deposit and confirming the order details.

Contact us to develop a suitable store design for you.

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