Eyewear Shop Displays

Are you looking for an optical shop display installation or an optical shop decoration style design? Optical stores mainly display the selling points of eyeglasses, therefore, retail display cabinets are the core decoration of an optical store, and each optical store will have a unique, attractive and functional optical store decoration style. OUYEE provides customized optical retail furniture and store design solutions. We design the style you want according to the floor plan of the store to customize the furniture of the optical store. Our team of designers will help you design the style of your store and the retail furniture you need. We have built many optical shop styles in the world with beautiful glasses counters/ displays stand/ frame displays/ wall shelves. You can view our success stories and choose us.

Independent display: You can see that every optical shop has many independent display stands. Because this is the most practical display stand-there are multiple shelves and parts, which can fully display glasses from all angles.

Wall-mounted optical display: 
Wall mounted optical display is another popular glasses display. It can help integrate the whole store, beautify the indoor space through attractive lighting shelves, and give customers better visual enjoyment.

Glasses display pole: 
Glasses display pole is the most practical display mode in physical stores. It can also be perfectly combined with other retail devices, such as frame bars and rods, which can be easily combined with other retail fixtures to produce functional display panels for decoration.

Optical display cabinets: 
More and more wall display cabinets used for glasses display have become the main store equipment of optical shops. From backlit shelf units to rack display cabinets, every optical shop has a wide variety of wall display cabinets. These wall mounted display devices will bring significant visual impact to customers in retail display and interior decoration.

Table-top display: 
For sunglasses or characteristic frames, table top display is the most ideal display method; The rotating table display stand can perfectly display a variety of sunglasses styles to customers in a small unit.

Sunglass kiosk:
With the prosperity of shopping mall kiosks, it is a good choice to set up sunglass kiosks or optical kiosks in shopping malls. You can retail all kinds of sunglasses in a small booth and get customers from a large number of people.

Optical shop layout design

Professional optical shop design

Designers use 3D rendering or customize according to the customer’s ideas. 3D design drawing is the best way to show the store design. Customers can view the decoration and layout of the store in combination with the plane, and can see the effect of the store more intuitively, so as to buy retail furniture etc.

When the customer is satisfied with the 3D rendering, we can customize the optical shop installation according to the drawing. The main function of the optical device is to display glasses and sell glasses. Different styles require different optical shop devices to show the effect.

Optical shop layout design

Optical Shop Display Cabinet/Display Stand

Optical shops generally use floor-to-ceiling display cabinets/wall-mounted display stands/rotating display stands, etc. The floor-to-ceiling glasses device can place more glasses. This display device is more suitable for sunglasses and decorative glasses. Choose a pair of glasses that suits you, the main materials of the floor-standing glasses display cabinet are: wood/MDF/aluminum and iron, or you can choose your own materials.

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