Store Fixtures

OUYEE will regularly select some store fixtures for reference from store design cases with better user experience, and design new and popular display racks and display cabinets, in order to allow customers’ stores to better display store products.

What are the products and services provided by OUYEE?

  • All
  • Bags And Shoes Shop Displays
  • Book Shop Displays
  • Candy Shop Displays
  • Clothes Shop Displays
  • Coffee & Bubble Tea Shop Displays
  • Cosmetic Shop Displays
  • Electronics Shop Displays
  • Eyewear Shop Displays
  • Glass Displays
  • Golf Display Stand
  • Hair beauty Shop Displays
  • Homeware/Miniso Shop
  • Jewelry Shop Displays
  • Mall Kiosk
  • Nightclub Displays
  • Perfume Shop Displays
  • Pharmacy Shop Displays
  • Retail Store Display
  • Smoke Shop Displays
  • Sports Store Displays
  • Store Shelving Displays
  • Wine Shop Displays


Q:What kinds of certifications you have related to the bulk production?
A:Environmental Certification of the powder coating process UL, CE, SAA certification for LED lighting‘s transformer E1 environmental certification for MDF material SGS Fire rated MDF.

Q:How long is your project time cycle?
A:3D Shop design takes1-3days Technical Drawing takes 1-3 days  Bulk production takes 25 days after technical drawings are approved In General, If you are planning to open a retail shop, please start contact with us 3 months in advance, as sea shipping will take 15-35 days.

Q:How to work with you on shop design and production?
A:The main flow path is 1:3D shop design (If needed)  2:Quotation  3:Technical drawings  4:Bulk production. The information we need is the floor plan, shop photos on-site, preferable photos of shop image you like and etc.  If you are only looking for display units and don’t need our design service, we will need to know which display units you like with quantities, material, surface finishing and dimensions. Please contact us for professional suggestions now.  Please see the link below for how to work with us if you are going to open a retail shop.

Q:Do you have any display joinery in stock?
A:We don’t have any joinery in stock, as all our joinery are customized.  The delivery time is 20-25 days after technical drawings are approval.

Retail Store Fixtures

Store fixtures are retail displays, retail counters, wall shelves, glass display cases, gondolas or wall mounted display cases for displaying merchandise. This is typical commercial furniture that can help you present your products in a better way. Store fixtures are now a form of display furniture and part of store interiors. Every retail store requires specific store accessories. For example, cosmetic retail stores need cosmetic display cases. And if you are opening a smoke shop, high-quality Vape display cabinets and display racks are a must. Therefore, it is very important to choose the appropriate store decoration and store design. OUYEE Display is a leading store design and store fixture manufacturer in China and for more than 21 years. Our unique design style, whether you are a small retail store, or a franchise chain store, we can provide store display cabinets and store layout designs according to your ideas. From jewelry showcases, mobile phone counter stores, wig display stands to retail store showcases.

OUYEE uses different materials to build store fixtures. Usually, MDF board, stone, metal, glass, acrylic are the most popular materials. We can make products in these materials that conform to 3D designs, pick the materials that fit your store and customize. Store Fixtures Our experienced factory team can operate proficiently, and the business team will track and complete the after-sales, and complete each store fixture with high quality.

cosmetic display cases

If you are starting a retail store and looking for interior retail design solutions as well as commercial display furniture. OUYEE will be your partner. We have professional display stands for mobile phone store counters, shoe and bag store counters, cosmetic store display cases, glasses display stands, candy store display stands, watch store counters and wine display accessories. Our furniture is designed to be custom made for all products. So you can directly choose the right store decoration style and display case for your business.

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