Ouyee Display

Turnkey Package Service:3D design,construction, transportation, installation, after-sales service

3D original designs for successful retail stores

modern new design

The look, decor and theme of the store is thoughtfully designed by us, combined with years of store design experience. Purposeful design will maximize product visibility and increase your sales. As part of our one-stop service, we design and lay out specialty store fixtures based on the volume and space requirements of your product. Here you can customize cabinets, display shelves, glass cabinets, iron shelves, counters, tables, chairs and lights. We can turn your dream store into a reality.

customer-centric process

​Each space has unique requirements and we will assist you in creating your chances for a successful retail environment. We will give you a cost-effective price based on the specific product, need and style you offer. All you have to do is give us your budget, the space in the store, the location of the indoor obstacles and your ideas. Our professional design team will maximize the space utilization of your store and will create a successful and gorgeous store for you.

Response time

We believe that with proper planning in the early stages of design, much of the confusion and construction time can be reduced. Throughout your project, you need to communicate progress accurately and clearly to ensure that we are meeting your expectations and ideas. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, we believe we can bring this project to your satisfaction.

Quality shop furniture

We have a professional engineering production team of several hundred people. The display cabinets, display shelves, display cabinet and other store furniture built for you are packed and shipped after 3 rigorous audits. Careful consideration is given to each customer, and quality also needs to give you some assurance.

Manufacturing Process

Our facility is designed with equipment, capabilities, and configuration,achieve consistency and quality,We start with high-quality materials and documented lean manufacturing practices.

Shipping & Installation

Our ability to deliver and install every retail display you need. And we offer surveying, permitting, fulfillment, and warehousing, too.Years of experience have made us experts in packing and palletization.

Solutions for any Challenge

At Ouyee Design, we are always looking for unique, and affordable display solutions.Our innovative manufacturing capabilities allow our team to work directly with retailers in many industries to design high-quality merchandise display solutions that increase your sales and take your store to the next level.


A successful brand understands how to connect with and engage customers. Ouyee Designs Group can assist you in building an effective, cohesive brand. We can do it all including designing the look of your . Ask your sales representative how to get started.

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