OUYEE display design services

Excellent visual merchandising can make your products more popular!

OUYEE display design services

Proper and maximized use of space is critical to the success of a retail store. Our professional design team will get your store area utilization up to 90%. Whether you are a chain or a small store, our design team will carefully curate every square foot for you to keep customers in your store longer and increase sales. Inventory analysis can help determine the type of fixtures that are best for your merchandise. Creative solutions will be implemented to optimize your store space. Of course, you can also bring your own drawings designed for the store and ask us to work together to customize the corresponding display cabinets, racks, display cabinet and other store furniture.
​Proper planning up front reduces confusion and shortens lead times, and you will be notified in advance of the estimated completion time for each phase throughout the project, keeping you informed of our progress.​
Our design solutions include:

1. Store furniture plan
2. Wall facade as needed
(If you can give us the live video, it will greatly shorten our design cycle)
3. Lamp styles, photos
4. Item-by-item product quotation
5. Installation quotation (not necessary)

process from store design to realization

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