Portable Comfortable Coffee Kiosk Showcase


  • One-Stop Coffee Kiosk Furniture Supply/Coffee Kiosk Manufacturer

    • Model Number: OY-MK006
    • Product: Coffee counter&cabinet, cafe chair & table, coffee showcase etc
    • Material: Wood, marble, metal, acrylic base on kiosk design.
    • Size/color: Can be customized.
    • Usage: Commonly use for coffee kiosk, bubble tea kiosk or other cold drink kiosks etc.
    • Brand: Ouyee Display
Piano Baking Paint

For portable coffee kiosk, tell us your ideas, and we will realize it into 3D for your visually reference.

  coffee kiosk design


coffee kiosk design


coffee kiosk design

coffee kiosk design

coffee kiosk design

coffee kiosk design

coffee kiosk design

coffee kiosk design

When opening a coffee kiosk, having the right atmosphere is key to attracting customers that like to ​hang out with friends or business associates and (hopefully) consume additional products.

Item Name

Coffee Kiosk In Mall


Can be customized


Can be customized

Main Material

MDF wood material , laminate


3 Years

Delivery Time

20-30 days


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