Shoe Shop Furniture Wall Display Stand And Showcase


Handbag Cabinet/Bag Store Design/Shoe Shop Decoration Ideas

  • Model Number: OY-BSD014
  • Brand: Ouyee Display
  • Design: 3D design for retail store/mall kiosk
  • Service: Fast design time and production time, quickly reply within 1 hour
  • Production: 20-25days after confirming CAD details drawing
  • 3D design we can see the real effect of shop interior, design time is about 5-7days.
Piano Baking Paint

Shoe Wall Display, lighting also plays an important role, not only making each piece of the product more prominent but illuminated from the back of the light reflects the decorative cabinet.

shoe shop design

shoe shop design

We have many options for your shoe store decoration design. You can use wood/iron/acrylic and other materials to make display cabinets for you to decorate your shoe store. Lighting is very important in the store, and customers need such lighting to enhance their desire to buy. We can install light box logos as well as flat logos.

shoe shop design

shoe shop design

shoe shop design

shoe shop design

shoe shop design

shoe shop design

Shop Design

Free Bags & Shoes Shop Interior Design


Bags & Shoes shop, store, showroom, shopping mall, etc.

Main Material

MDF wood, veneer, metal, tempered glass, etc.


Baking painting, laminate, veneer





Business Type

Factory Direct Made


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