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Are you planning to open a new mobile phone store or mobile accessories store? With more than 20 years of experience, we have a professional design team and project team, providing unique designs and friendly quotations.

Do you need mobile phone retail store design? Mobile phone retail displays are mainly used in mobile phone stores, electronics stores/computer stores, etc. These retail store displays include display cabinets/ counters/ wall mounts etc., and mainly display mobile phones/phone cases/earphones/phone accessories/computers. Using these displays can provide consumers with a clearer product. Glass and acrylic display cases are suitable for most products in electronic stores. We can find these display cabinets and wall display stands in every mobile phone store, because it can show customers the appearance and parameters of the mobile phone. It can be used in a transparent glass display cabinet or placed on a workbench with a mobile phone anti-theft device, allowing customers to directly experience the performance of the mobile phone. In a mobile phone retail store, it is a good choice to use a complete system to display mobile phone accessories and electronic products, and a decoration style can attract consumers into the store.

store designs case video

We have a lot of modeling videos and real-shot videos of smoke shop store design cases.
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phone shop interior design
at the beginning of the project, we need a floor plan with detailed dimensions, including the dimensions of walls, doors, windows, columns, etc. that affect the furniture arrangement. It would be better if you could send me some real photos of your store, so we can know if there are columns and roof beans, what your doors and windows look like, these details are necessary when we talk about your store design. Then I will talk to you about the design concept of your project, how it will be displayed, layered or hung, what products to sell, so we know what architectural showcases will fit, and what colors you would like. Your ideas for the layout plan, when we get All the information of the store, we can start the design, we can modify infinitely during the design process, until you get a satisfactory design, then we quote according to the design, and we start production after the deposit, so from design to production, it will take at least 1.5 months, so if you have a firm opening date, please let us know first and we will arrange accordingly. The above is our cooperation process, hope to help you better understand our work, before you plan to open a new store, make a suggestion on time arrangement.
For mobile phone display cabinet furniture, we pay more attention to the structure, raw materials and details. We will make full use of the large capacity of the space to store and display mobile phones or accessories in an orderly manner. We will design a friendly height for customers to take out and put back by themselves. Environmentally friendly materials Safe for small or large stores; Smooth curved edges protect people from being scratched. And for the finish, we usually paint 6 layers to make the surface smooth and thick, some suppliers only paint 4 layers, you can see the difference when you receive it. The 4 plies are more prone to peeling after years of use and the color is not strong enough to stain the raw wood material. And export standard light strip we use and durable. Besides, we add acrylic cover to cover the light strip for good lighting diffusion and light beads couldn’t be saw directly. All the hardware we use is the famous European brand Hettich to ensure smooth use during use.
cell phone shop design
For shipping service and after-sales service, in terms of shipping, we have experienced freight forwarders who can arrange shipping to all over the world at friendly cost, and they have good customs clearance agents who can ensure that containers can be cleared smoothly without much trouble. After-sales service After-sales service, we provide 3-year warranty and lifetime after-sales service, so you don’t need to worry about any quality problems and service problems.

To sum up, I think you have a comprehensive understanding of how to complete a project from design to product acceptance, and also know us and our work better. In a word, we will provide you with the best products and services at a friendly cost, We are a leading factory in this industry with hundreds of experienced workers who can support your project delivery on time.

So if you plan to open a new mobile phone store, please leave your comments, we will contact you as soon as we see it.
OUYEE display can create the layout and decoration style of the retail store according to your ideas, and create value for you. Whether you have your own ideas or not, we can provide success stories for your reference and incorporate your ideas. ouyee produces all display devices for electronic stores, whether it is mobile phone display cabinet / display stand / wall display / mobile phone bracket, etc., we can provide the best price. We provide high quality service and low price, let customers choose and trust us.

Glass mobile phone display case

Since the glass display case can display smartphones and accessories well without affecting the appearance, when customers have a good mobile phone, our sales staff can guide consumers to buy products by introducing the appearance and functions of the mobile phone to the customer. OUYEE’s glass display cabinet can design how much display is needed in the store according to the customer’s floor plan, so as to maximize the space utilization.

cell phone repair kiosk

It is a good way to develop mobile phone retail kiosks or repair kiosks in shopping malls. Now people cannot live without mobile phones. We can open retail kiosks in places with high traffic to increase sales. Not only can we sell mobile phones, but also provide mobile phone repairs and screen repairs. . The maintenance kiosk is the preferred concept of suppliers. It is not only easy to start but also can earn huge profits. Mobile phone accessories are a highly profitable industry. Not only can you sell mobile phone cases, tempered film, but you can also provide customized services according to suppliers.

Electronics Shop

Display devices commonly used in electronics stores

1.Shelving units: Shelving units are a common type of display device for electronics and other retail products. They can be used to organize and display a wide range of electronics, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other computer accessories.

2.Countertop displays: Countertop displays are smaller, tabletop-sized display units that are often used to showcase a specific product or collection of products. These can be a good option for displaying smaller items like headphones, speakers, or portable chargers.

3.Floor displays: Floor displays are large, freestanding units that can be used to showcase a wide range of electronics products. These can be a good option for displaying larger items like TVs, gaming consoles, or home theater systems, and can also be used to create a focal point or draw attention to a particular product or collection.

4.Wall displays: Wall displays are mounted display units that can be used to showcase a range of electronics products, such as smartphones, tablets, and cameras. These can be a good option for showcasing a wide range of products in a small space, and can also be used to create an organized and cohesive display.

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