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Does your cigarette shop, cigar shop, vape shop, dispensary shop, hookah shop, or other retail store require an overall store design or tobacco display fixture?

Whether you are a large chain store or a retail store, we can provide free 3D design drawings and a custom series of store furniture, display stands, and display cabinets.

Below is a list of accessories we can provide for smoke shops:

1. Lighted Signs, Backlit Sign
2. Light Box
3. Glass display cabinets, wooden display cabinets
4. Metal shelves, gondola shelves
5. Retail counters
6. cigarette pusher tray

Contact us for detailed accessory information.

With our excellent product workmanship details and services, people in the United States, Canada, and other countries and regions are more willing to cooperate with us. May wish to try and contact us, cooperation.
You only need to provide your store’s area, needs, and desired style, and we will be able to create a tobacco store that you are satisfied with.

1. Free 3D shop design
2. Cooperation process
3. Production process
4. Our equipment
5. Shipping and packaging

We have a lot of modeling videos and real-shot videos of smoke shop store design cases.
If you want to see more videos, you can follow our official social media accounts and check our latest news.

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Vape shop design

From 2020 we will know a factor, the traditional retail stores are facing a big challenges. We see technology playing a major role in changing the way people shop.

Traditional brick and mortar store-fronts are going away in favor of digital solutions to satisfy consumers who have strong opinions about where and how they shop. And 2020 has positioned e-commerce is an important aspect of the shopping experience.

But in the smoke industry, vape, dispensary, cannabis stores are obviously different. People still have choices about where they shop, so it’s your job to ensure you’re attracting and retaining the right customers for your dispensary retail stores.

one stop turnkey package solution

As the industry grows and customers become more diverse, we’re starting to see more diversification in the store interior decoration, how is the display furniture, just like in retail where we have everything from thrift stores with cement floors to designer boutiques. This variety is necessary for a thriving market, and all that matters is that you figure out where you want to fit in, and then execute on that intentionally.

With that way, that’s why will suggest retail stores need to make the 3D interior design first to see how is the store looks like. For example, vape shop may will use many black color concept, for cannabis store will use some green color, but how to design the display furniture better and get a best display effect? This will need our designers professional advice.

We are in this industry for more than 20 years, each year we help clients open many stores. We can do from A to Z, one stop turnkey package solution for your project, from design, manufacture to shipping, and install.

We can use some slat walls to display some accessories, while if for some main products, we can use the display showcase/counters, while client can see more clearly. Inside the shop display cabinet, a good lighting is also very important.

For vape shop, clients mostly will not touch the products by themselves, while dispensary store layout will be more open than vape store. We will have many glass counters in middle of the shop, clients will go around whole store to purchase the products, have a free purchase.
Smoke display cabinet

why choose OUYEE

In our 3D design, we are not just showing one or two angle pics of your store, but we are showing whole store including ceiling, flooring effect. Make it easy and clear for you to see the decoration. After that we will manufacture all display fixture according to requirements. For sure, the shop dimensions are very important, we will send the detail floor plan and furniture details to client to double check before our production.

After production finish, we will mock up whole store as design to check the real effect, check quality also. We will pack all showcases as we installed, so not much installation work at your shop when you receive the goods, may just some simple screw work.

Of course we will ship the furniture from our factory to your shop address directly, solve your shipping problem.

We have done many projects in USA in this smoke shop industry, so we understand how is the store looks like can help you to improve your store branding, give clients better purchasing experience.

The cannabis market has gone mainstream, and it’s already a wildly competitive marketplace. You’ve invested a lot in getting ready to sell, and you can’t afford to waste precious time and resources on trial and error layout as more competitors open their doors. You need to get it right, right away.


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smoke shop displays

Highlight your items in a modern display

Highlight your items in a modern display

The Smoke & Vape Store needed a variety of shelves and displays to display the merchandise. Our catalogue offers retail smoke shop fitout solutions for you to find the size and group you need from a variety of blueprints. Containers for displaying electronic cigarettes and other vaping products, acrylic display stands and glass display cases are widely used in stores. These displays are available in many different styles and designs to give your store a more elegant look and feel. Acrylic Electronic Cigarette Display Stands and Wall Cabinet Displays are available in multi-slot, multi-layer and single-slot designs. These stands are designed to sit perfectly on your countertop or glass display case to display your merchandise attractively at your customer’s eye level.

smoke shop display
smoke shop setup ideas

Provide your customers with steam products

Retail space is at a premium, with counters to display your e-cigarettes and other vaping merchandise. We can save space and display more products for you according to your floor plan. Another great solution for highlighting high-priced items is to display them in glass display cases, giving your smoke shop a higher level of security and an expensive look and feel, allowing customers to be attracted to the items in the display case. , making people more impulsive and worth paying a premium for. As more Smoke & Vapor Shops remain open, people are looking for an upscale environment. We design store layouts and display case sales for smoke shops in the US to increase their sales. If we remodel your store and place it in stylish fixtures such as glass counters, wall cabinet displays and more.

Tobacco shops are required to use display devices that are specifically designed to prevent children and young people from seeing tobacco products. These display devices must be tall enough and positioned in such a way that they cannot be easily viewed by anyone under the age of 18. In some cases, these display devices may also include signage that reminds customers of the age restrictions on purchasing tobacco products, and warns them about the potential health risks associated with smoking. It is important for tobacco shops to comply with these regulations in order to avoid fines and other penalties.

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