Perfume Shop Displays

Perfume display racks are a must-have fixture in cosmetic stores for daily promotion of new products. If you need to open a fragrance retail store or cosmetic kiosk in a mall, then you need to use display furniture to display the products. You can first design 3D renderings for you to customize the store layout design and display cabinet placement to gain more customer insights. Store fixtures/ display racks/ display cabinets/ counters/ display cabinets can be customized according to requirements, including size/ color/ logo/ material/ size etc. The most used products in perfume shops and cosmetic stores are wooden display stands/floor display cases/nakajima etc.

Perfume shop decoration design

OUYEE Display is a manufacturer of retail display units for sale and retail store design, store retail units with display cases, counters, shelves and stands to enhance product sales. Cosmetics retail installations can display cosmetics, skin care products, nail polish, lipstick and other cosmetics.
Perfume display:Fragrances are usually display cases or islands used to display fragrances in retail stores and kiosks.

perfume showcase
perfume display racks

How To Design A Perfume Store?

There are a few key steps to follow when designing a perfume store, which include choosing the right location, creating a cohesive color scheme, using effective lighting, and incorporating display cases and other display devices.

The first step in designing a perfume store is to choose the right location. This means selecting a space that is easily accessible, has high visibility, and is in a location that attracts a lot of foot traffic. The location should also have enough space to accommodate the store’s products, as well as any display cases, shelves, or other display devices that will be used.

Once the location has been chosen, the next step is to create a cohesive color scheme for the store. This can be done by choosing a color palette that complements the store’s products and creates a visually appealing and cohesive look. For example, if the store’s products are predominantly floral-scented perfumes, the color scheme could include shades of pink, purple, and green.

Effective lighting is also an important part of perfume store design. Proper lighting can help to showcase the store’s products in the best possible way, highlighting their beauty and details. This can be achieved through a combination of natural light, as well as artificial lighting, such as track lighting or spotlights.

Incorporating display cases and other display devices is crucial for showcasing the store’s products in a way that is easy for customers to browse and shop. Display cases can be used to protect and showcase high-end or delicate perfume bottles, while shelves and racks can be used to organize and display a variety of products. In addition, perfume stores can also use other display devices, such as tables and stands, to showcase larger items, such as gift sets or gift baskets.

Perfume Shop Fixtures

OUYEE provides a variety of design solutions for perfume retail stores and kiosks, allowing customers to customize and choose according to their own ideas, and adopting a whole store design can make the store more attractive and purchasing power. OUYEE is a leader in store retail customization, whether you need fixtures for a cosmetic store or furniture for a perfume store, we will design and produce according to your needs to achieve the most suitable solution for your product.

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